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Key victories the company has been involved with:

TN vs. Jason E. McLean (Knox Co.)

TN vs. Kim Cunningham (Blount Co.)

US vs. Angel Romero (East TN)

TN vs. Victor Moore (Knox Co.)

TN vs. Eric Alston (Knox Co.)

TN vs. Spencer Coon (Monroe Co.)

We offer our services in the State and Federal court systems.  We want to assist you in gathering the answers you seek. Schedule a consultation with our investigative expert today, so we can determine a plan to reach your individual goals.

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We promise you integrity, confidentiality and a commitment to client satisfaction.  We believe in professionalism and open communication with our clients is crucial in conducting a successful investigation.  Establishing a trusting relationship with each client and providing excellent investigative services are of the utmost importance to our company.

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