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"Gary is a professional. His thoughtfulness and expertise allow you have results that involve integrity and honesty." - Christine Klespies

“Gary is one of the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He worked so hard to help my brother out when he was in trouble & his hard work really paid off.
He treated my family as if it was his own from the very start & that has never changed. Gary is the type of person that really wants to help, he doesn't look
down on anyone, and he is always there for support. Anytime we had questions about anything (court procedures, legal advice, etc.), Gary would answer them
in a way that made sense to us & he seemed to always be able to calm us down with his caring manner. I feel that I can never re-pay him for what he's
done for our whole family...his hard work will always be remembered & appreciated.” - Susannah Poe

“Mr. Gary Lamb seemed to be a very smart and personable person when I first met him. As our conversations and meetings came and went he was that person and seemed to strive to go above and beyond what he had to do to complete the task at hand. With the hard working attitude and the determination that he had at my case I
would recommend him to anybody that would need the services that he would provide.” – Jeff Coreman

“I've hired Gary as an investigator for several of my criminal defendants. He is always on time (if not 15 minutes early), is honest and professional when interviewing witnesses or victims, and has inspired trust and confidence with all my criminal defendants. I would definitely hire him again and recommend to colleagues.” – Rachel Wolf